term 4-week 6


What I enjoyed…

Making a paper quilling catapeliller and it was so hard!

OLSC got talent but we got kicked out

Making a game in sport, we made a sport it was NFL with no tackling


What I learnt…

I learnt how to make a catapeliller in paper quilling

I Learnt more about Remberance day


Goal for this week…

Is to get more work done during the week

To work on my hand writing







Term 3-all term

What did I enjoy?

In week one we all were still cooking for our My Restaurant rules. In week two the learning centre had a normal week by doing must do’s. Then the same happened during the next few weeks.

Then we had a task and it was a fable but their was a twist we had to create a digital fable on a website that we got to choose. This one is my favourite one, we got to dress up in our sport colours, I dressed up as a A.C Milan player/Geelong player and a Wyndham vale player.

Then in week nine the grade 5/6’s went to sleep in LC 2, we stayed up till 11:30pm but Daniel Tropiano, Kaylan and I stayed up till around 4:30 or 5:30 am it was fun but we had to get up at 6:00am and we got ready for breakfast at 7:00am. After breaky we got to play a but of footy.




Term 3-week 7

Something  I enjoyed this week?

Doing my thrass explosion

Something  I learnt?

that the Calfornia gold rush was before  the Australia one

Goal for next week?

finish math




Term 3-week 5

I am proud of? nearly finishing myeddapp

What I learnt? what a spread sheet is

what is my goal for next week? To finish all my must do’s

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