Mary Mackillop performed 2 miracles and 1 was

-That she cured someone with Lekemia

-The other miracle was  that she helped  a women with lung cancer


Mary Mackillop was born in-1842

Mary Mackillop died in -1909

She died at the age of 67






What is puzziling ?                                                    What is moving?                                              What is important?

–  The keeper of the flame                                  – The dream time                                                  – Aboriginals

– Barren run                                                             –  Acient Heart                                                         – The keeper of the flame

– I’m a settler                                                                                                                                                   – A convict then a free man

– I am a child of deppresion                                                                                                                       – I am a daughter of a digger

– We share a dream and sing with one voice

– Ned Kelly

– Albert Namajira

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